Doctors Preform Deadly & Unnecessary Surgery - Without Consent

  ‘The Medical Horror Felicia Mahmoud was forced to Live Through’ 

Felicia Mahmoud Before Leg Surgery

In early 2017 Felicia Mahmoud, a personal trainer living a healthy fit and athletic lifestyle residing in Indianapolis, Indiana USA went to see her podiatrist to discuss a slightly painful bump on her ankle, which had recently developed.

The podiatrist gave her good news, that her painful bump was only an ankle cyst and would require only a very minor operation to have it removed. 

Relieved that it was nothing serious and would require a quick and easy operation to have removed Felicia then read and signed a ‘Procedural Consent’ form to have the ankle cyst removed. 

The form she signed specifically stated only the cyst would be removed and no other surgery was needed or consented to. As can be seen document (A), attached to this article.


Felicia went in for her operation it was when she woke up from her surgery she was horrified to see an additional operation had been performed on BOTH her legs. In a statement from Felicia she said the following:

“The Surgeon decided he could not find a cyst but felt my calf muscles were large so he chopped of 10 centimetres of healthy muscle on both legs leaving a gap in each leg. Then he stuffed a small mesh into my legs without consent. He didn’t even stop there…”

Felicia goes on to explain the lengthy and unnecessary surgery she was put through which she gave no consent for nor was she given an adequate explanation as to why the surgeon had performed the operations he did.

Here we will refer to Document (B), a letter from the final surgeon who ends up resolving the original problem who noted how unusual the previous surgery was:

“The patient has a history of bilateral exercise induced compartment syndrome with elevated pressure in both the anterolateral compartments as well as the deep posterior compartments as evidenced by compartment pressure testing that has been done over the past year. She also has EMG evidence of tarsal tunnel syndrome on the left side. She has had some prior procedures, which involved FHL muscle reduction and repair of fascial herniations which have not improved symptoms, but left her leg with some scaring and issues on the posteromedial leg”

Document (B)



This quote from her final surgeon a qualified Orthopaedic Surgeon, is very revealing as it shows that it was his professional opinion her previous surgeries had caused more harm and not addressed any of her actual symptoms. 

She later found from her final surgeon that she did not have a cyst to begin with and there was nothing wrong with her ankles. The only condition she had was ‘Chronic Compartment Syndrome’ confirmed by pressure test and the small size bump she had was a half a centimetre of herniation of healthy muscle.

Muscle hernia and compartment syndrome is a well known common condition effecting Athletes such as Felicia.

The condition is treated by fasciotomy, a release of the muscle tissue and where no removal of the muscle is required. 

Her podiatrist Dr Boake had not only completely misdiagnosed her condition preforming unnessicary surgery. He also did not have the qualifications to treat her condition and was acting well outside his legal areas of expertise. The damage of his surgery can be clearly seen in the photos below, where the muscle was cut away and incisions were made.



He should have referred Felicia to an Orthopaedic Surgeon for her medical procedure and correct diagnosis. 

Dr Boake’s extreme malpractice in this case is further shown by the medical documentation provided by Felicia did NOT sign or consent to however Dr Boake still wrote down the operation he was preforming without her knowledge or consent.

Below is a copy of the UNSIGNED Consent Form. Only Dr Boake has filled it out & Signed it, NOT Felicia.


This document above is an unsigned consent form where only Dr. G. Boake has filled out his planned procedure which was not disclosed to Felicia until after the surgery had already taken place. 

The document below is a letter to Felicia Mahmoud from Diana L. Williams from the Community Surgery Centre where she Admits that the “Unsigned Consent form was an oversight by staff & Leadership”. However she offers Mrs. Mahmoud no reimbursement or adequate explanation. Merely that the issue had been internally address by those Staff involved to prevent such an error occurring again.

This is obviously meaningless for Felicia as for her, it is too late, she has already been put through the trauma of unnecessary, irreversible & life changing surgery which she did in no way give her consent to undergo.  


Felicia’s horrific experience over the past few years with not only the Dr who committed the illegal & unethical surgery but also the countless people within the Medical System who would not listen to her concerns, making excuses and covering up what really happened to her is a clear cut case of not only Medical Malpractice on Dr G. Boake’s but also gives us our first insight into the Systemic Nature of institutionalised Unethical Practice.

Felicia is not alone in her this experience, her story is just one of countless others which in time we hope will begin to shed the light on the true nature of what a Doctor’s role in our society has become as well as those who maintain this system of corruption and unethical practice.

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Source: Felicia Mahmoud 

Author: Sean Davis – Australia

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