Western Truth TV

Western Truth TV: Our Main Channel, featuring daily news from around the world. 

Unique Shows, Interviews and some Movies.

Includes Edward Snowden's Latest Interviews.

Wikileaks Latest News.

Western Truth Radio programs.

Much More to Come! 

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Western Truth Radio

Western Truth Radio or #WTR offers a monthly satirical take on news and current affairs. With both one on one interviews as well as shows with several guest speakers, Western Truth Radio is a more  humorous yet also more in depth take on global affairs and news. 

This Channel is highly recommended by us!  

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WTTV - Russia

WTTV – Russia offers both English and Russian langue options. 


WTTV – Russia covers all news related to Russia as well as a focus on Russian politics and life from a Russian perspective.  

WTTV – Russia also features the well know #IStandWithRussia campaign video’s, each and every series, created by The West United for Russia.   

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WTTV is where you will find longer videos, such as documentaries and movies. It also is Western Truth TV’s second Channel and is a backup service to their main one. 

We recommend Subscribing to this one, to see the extra content and just in case the main Channel is down for some reason.  

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