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The West United for Russia

The West United for Russia is both an online and offline project. With the aim of countering Main Stream Media disinformation campaigns against Russia.  

They are a global group of professionals and activists; they created the #IStandWithRussia social media campaign, along with four video series campaigns launched between 2014 & 2017.  With the main concept of each video being everyday people explaining their own personal reasons why they stand with Russia.  

They run a number of real life and online campaigns. Check out their Facebook Page & Group to learn more:  



Founded by: Sean Davis from Sydney, Australia in September 2014.

Co-Founder: Koen Van Dessel from Orihuela, Spain.

Co-Founder: Helen Smirnova from Moscow, Russia. 

(I Stand With Russia)


#IStandWithRussia Campagin

The #IStandWithRussia Campaign started by The West United for Russia has turned into a viral sensation over the years. Being featured in major news outlets including Russia 24, Channel 1, NTV, RT and Sputnik.   

The aim of this campaign is to keep the hashtag in use and going viral as often as possible, by using it on mass over time giving it a cumulative effect. 

In real life people are wearing the #IStandWithRussia T-shirts and posting their photos online to show their support. T-shirts can be obtained be getting in touch with the people at The West United for Russia.   


The West & East United

The West & East United is a similar project to The West United for Russia. With a wider set of objectives. They attempt to cover more than just Russia and the West, but Uniting people from East to West against the waves of disinformation from the Main Stream Media and Western Governments.  

Founded in 2014 You can fine their Facebook Group and Page below.