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When any of us set out on our day, we never know what that day will bring, what we do not expect is the people we are supposed to trust and hold in the greatest of respect to turn that day into a maelstrom that will turn our world upside down. 

 An appointment with a doctor like any other only this appointment was to turn into a nightmare. A doctor exercising his ultimate power over a patient, an air of intimidation, of a threatening overshadow, this menacing manner by a GP happened in the cold light of day toward a patient, vulnerable, seeking help from the very person who is supposed to be there to help. 

 Who instead turned the hand of healing into a barrage of how easy it is to break the law, cover you tracks and deal illicitly to a patient. With no ability to leave the room, forced to listen, cornered by a doctor readily revealing the true power yielded by someone who holds life and death over another. 

 This is not fiction but FACT! 

 This took place in a suburb of Sydney, Australia on Friday February 9th 2018, an appointment from 12.30-2.00pm at G01/10 Edgeworth David Avenue, Hornby, New South Wales. 

 The doctor involved was Dr Mark Fitzmaurice and in that 1.5 hours, the patient in question, Sean Davis, was subjected to intimidation, cornered and vulnerable he was a captive audience to the whims and means of how Dr Mark Fitzmaurice can and has got away with breaking the law, the rules and the very oath that made him supposedly trustworthy and custodian of the most personal details of others.  

 There is no attempt to hide his boasting of “getting away with it” there is no means to which he does not try and manipulate his patient, Sean Davis, into giving the answers and responses he desires. Indeed Dr Mark Fitzmaurice is quite insistent in pressing Sean Davis to respond the way he wants, the frustration in Dr Mark Fitzmaurice's voice when Sean Davis fails to give the answers and approval to this tirade of self appreciative but frightening revelation of a professional who now has given Sean Davis a chilling insight into his “darker” side.  

 The predicament Sean Davis found himself in is one none of us would ever wish to be in. His GP has just divulged information that could have him struck off, put his job in jeopardy and his entire career and reputation at stake. 

 Sean Davis had not given Dr Mark Fitzmaurice what he had hoped for, approval, admiration and agreement. 

  Instead Sean Davis did quite the opposite, he did not rise to the doctor’s threatening behavior, he did not fold or agree no matter how much Dr Mark Fitzmaurice tried to make him by twisting and turning Sean’s own health matters against him . 


Only when Sean Davis left the doctor’s surgery, finally after an hour and a half of torturous rants by Dr Mark Fitzmaurice of avoiding his pressuring to say something he did not agree with, did he realise how bad the situation was.

How could he, Sean Davis, go back to this doctor, how could he ever trust this man who had revealed so much of himself that was both shocking and chilling also how threatening the tone had become, after all, Dr Mark Fitzmaurice hold total control over all aspects of Sean Davis's health and welfare. 

  Dr Mark Fitzmaurice whether boasting to make an impression or not, reveals an exceptionally slipshod and sloppy manner admitting he is “not into discipline” records kept in a last minute shoddy fashion because they “have to be done” this is a man not limited to the confines of the law, be it dodging driving offences or working around drug prescriptions that are not “strictly legal”.  Dr Mark Fitzmaurice treads a fine line for a professional in charge of people’s health, welfare and medical conditions, to be so outward with his dalliances either side of the law and not shy of benefiting himself from these dubious dealings. Should this man be trusted with the vulnerable? People who take the medical profession in an almost godlike visage to listen to a doctor talking about such law breaking in so light a fashion begs the question, how far will Dr Mark  Fitzmaurice actually be prepared let alone happy to go in disrespect of the law.  

 Dr Mark Fitzmaurice can be heard referring to Sean as “Tom’s grandson” shifting the blame to Sean because he, Dr Mark Fitzmaurice, once worked with Sean’s grandfather, Tom. Constantly without once considering the intimidating manner he was badgering Sean with, Dr Mark Fitzmaurice persists in focusing his blame, his direction at Sean, he alone is responsible for putting Dr Mark Fitzmaurice in this mess. Time and again Dr Mark Fitzmaurice pursues this fact, Sean being Tom’s grandson, is wholly to blame for the predicament Dr Mark Fitzmaurice finds himself in. The “mess” Dr Mark Fitzmaurice constantly talks about is of his own making, not the fault of his patient, there is no excuse to behave toward Sean in this manner, Dr Mark Fitzmaurice’s ramblings refer to his indiscretions, absurd indignation comparing the affair of Barnaby Joyce as the fault of others...and how this comparison brings reference to his own position.  Dr Mark Fitzmaurice’s tone shifts to threatening, pressuring Sean to agree to something he simply is not prepared to do, again and again Sean can be heard saying what Dr Mark Fitzmaurice is telling him is illegal. Dr Mark Fitzmaurice persists in his blaming people “like Sean” bringing him into conflict with authoritarians, this is why he, Dr Mark Fitzmaurice steps over the line for people “like Sean”. Not that Sean has in anyway “pressured” Dr Mark Fitzmaurice into break the law by using “radar detector” equipment, or any other line Dr Mark Fitzmaurice has crossed, desperate to get Sean to “see it his way” to gain sympathy and condoning of his behavior, Dr Mark Fitzmaurice continues to push. Sean resists every step of the way, and let us appreciate the fact that Sean came to see his doctor, he is the patient seeking help, he was put into an unacceptable, frightening and cornered position where he could not leave, he had to sit and listen to this doctor exercising dominating behavior and inflicting intolerable fear as well as revealing illegalities upon someone Dr Mark Fitzmaurice knows is reliant on him for his health and well being. 


This could be any one of us, where do we go to for help? Who do we turn to when the one person who above all others becomes the person we dread but so desperately need? Here Sean does not have the answers, but he steps out into the light for all to see to bring this fearful predicament to the public eye.

 This is happening to people everywhere. You are not alone. 


By Elaine Hasty – United Kingdom

 TV-Novosti Contributor & Vice Charmain of the Board



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